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Mental Health and Wellness in the African American Community Part 1

 Everyone has a story to tell, some more interesting than others. Everyone has a breath of life, some breathing a little more deeper or more shallow than others. Every living being has a place in this earth, some more complicated than others. Many people say at the end of the day, we all breathe the same air, I say some a little more purified than others.
  Let’s focus our intentions on the heavens as we gaze up and look into the clouds, many has asked why, as we were taught throughout our childhood not to question God, as all things are done through him who strengthens us. It still makes way in our thoughts why some are dealt a different hand at life then others and why some can shuffle the deck in this thing called life and still manage to crap out causing our feelings to take us to a place of no understanding, beyond one’s comprehension, not understanding what’s going on, not understanding the thoughts or the voices that may began to penetrate through our minds, as we began to fall prey to the enemy which comes to drain our personal power, and strip us of our personal wholeness.
  We must take back our power collectively as a village, first starting with ourselves secondly in our homes, then out into the world spreading peace, love and light throughout our community~Yolanda Long

  As, I look over my balcony onto the streets or touring the streets of a city and state, I see people of black color who are mentally challenged by an illness that has come to steal, kill or destroy their brain, mind or mental senses. These people may have been the victim of a traumatic experience, sickness, or life crisis and may have not received any medication, counseling or therapy. And the lack thereof, has left them in an altered state of mind. Let's take it several steps higher; these individuals are parents, someone's child, ex: military, teachers, police officers, doctors, lawyers or day-to day citizens.
I have written two books that may be found on; "Wounded But Not Destroyed" and "The Lord Shall Guide You",  and these titles are so befitting to the topic that we're addressing because these people may have been wounded but it has not destroyed them and truly the Lord is guiding some of them (even those that seem demonically possessed talking to themselves or others that we cannot see) as they're walking up and down our streets, homeless, sleeping on the streets, vacant buildings, alleys, doorways,  curbs or wherever they may find shelter. They're dumpster diving, picking up cans,  bottles or just begging for money to survive the day. 
 The question may arise are we, the elected officials or people in authority aware of what is going on and happening to these people? Some may seem to function and others have become our low-scale and high end criminals. Yes, we see, but little too nothing has been done to set these people free and if possible bring them back to a state of wholeness and wellness restoring them from the deadly disease that has abided in their mind, body and soul. One may say "we have limited funding" to care for and treat these people so they're left in this altered state of mental illness perishing on a daily basis.
                                                                                   Author Felicia Long

  It has been said many times "you can't read a person's mind" and most mentally ill people don't ask for help. So it's hard to see mental illness? Well, driving down the street today, I noticed a few things. I saw a woman loudly talking to herself in the middle of the street. I saw a homeless man pick up a cigarette off the ground and put it in his mouth trying to get that last drag of smoke. I saw a person completely drugged out of their mind. But no one sees or hears those cries for help as I watch a police patrol car go around the woman in the street.
  Society has covered its eyes and muffled its ears. Until the screams are tooloud from the children running for cover while the school shooter runs rampant through the hallways. Can't help but look at the long line of young men waiting to tell their story of what the Priest did when they were young. Or the number of people committing suicide and drug overdoses. This is mental illness society needs to uncover its eye and open its ear. Look around listen mental illness is everywhere and it needs to be addressed continuously not just after the next tragedy.
Patrick W. Morgan Sr.



    Felicia Long

    Felicia Long

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