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Holistic Doula Services

Here at Spiritually N2und we offer our families an array of full spectrum doula services. Our goal is to work with families based on trust and open communication. We are bound by basic expectations of confidentiality and HIPPA guidelines.


    While catering to the mind, body and spirit we integrate a holistic approach while incorporating a wide variety of natural and therapeutic wellness modalities.
    Our services include:
    • Doctor visit partnering
    • Fitness partners
    • Shopping
    • Healthy meal preparation
    • Light cleaning services (laundry, dishes, picking up toys etc.)
    • Childcare and sibling care (including assisting with adjusting to new baby)
    • Maternity Reiki
    • Prenatal yoga
    • Meditation
    • Music therapy
    • Dance therapy
    • Breastfeeding education, support and assistance
    • Guidance on newborn care, bathing and feeding
    • Education on postpartum concerns; emotional support for mom 
    We offer services to assist moms in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters as well as labor and delivery support (at homes, birth centers and hospitals). Due to Covid-19 we also offer full service virtual support via Zoom. On call 24/7 services are available when mom reaches 37 weeks of pregnancy.
      We help to provide comfort measures as pregnancy and labor can be extremely challenging. Our role as a Full Spectrum Doula is to assist families during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. We encourage partner and family support as it is very important that mom and baby have a stress free healthy journey.
      We are here to nurture the vision of the mother by encouraging her, helping her to to keep a very positive prospective on the many changes that comes with pregnancy and motherhood. We encourage positive affirmations and encouragements of love and light as mom is birthing the special gift of life into this world.
      Our packages can be tailored to your families specific needs and will be discussed during our initial free consultation. As pregnancies continue to arise on a daily basis which is apart of life, we are limited to the amount of clients that we can take on however, referral services can be provided to other highly skilled and trained doulas in our network.
      *It is important to know that we are not medical providers, we cannot diagnose conditions and do not prescribe any medications, we are highly trained and skilled birth-workers here to provide an excellent array of services to families in need of our support.